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VT Cica Care Spot Patch (12pcs)

VT Cica Care Spot Patch (12pcs)


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Spot patch (Pimple patch) which contains Centella Asiatica Extract, helps absorbing the exuded substances from the wound area and later decomposes the secretions, while at the same time soothing and calming the skin and effectively healing the wound. Made of a thin material, combined with excellent craftsmanship, the borders of the spot patch are fused to the skin surface and are not easily noticeable. Water-proof and sweat-proof, with excellent adhesion, more convenient for daily activities, generally wash your face or go swimming will not make the patch hindered, loose or fall off.

- Thin and invisible effects, can be directly affixed to the face and no embarrassments caused when you go out.
- The wound can heal quickly within a short period of time, blocking the encroachment of external environmental pollution on the wound, and the effect of protecting the wound is obvious.
- Centella Asiatica is a kind of grass and plants used for healing by tigers that have survived in the forest since ancient times. It is gentle in nature, reduces irritation caused by external pollution, and has a soothing effect on nursing.



Wash your hands, clean the entire area of the acne, open the inner package of the CICA CARE Spot Patch, open the transparent release paper, using the acne openings as the center point, finally, paste the acne on the acne.