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MISE EN SCENE Hello Bubble Foam Color #Vanila

MISE EN SCENE Hello Bubble Foam Color #Vanila

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A 100% ammonia free shampoo type hair dye primer, recommend to use it before dye your hair to get the colour evenly or just get brighter tone to your hair colour. This product is easy to apply and it also leaves less damage to your hair.



Wear gloves and gown which included in the box. Put and mix the two packages in the bottle (do not mix hair treatment) then tight a lid and shake it for enough time. Push down the pump 3-4 times and spread foam start from top to down on your hair. Wait from 20-30 minutes depends on the your hair colour condition. Wash with shampoo and use hair treatment for at least 3 minutes then rinse. 



Please test on your skin 24 hours before your first use to check any allergies. Keep out of reach from children. Immediately dispose everything after use.