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INNNISFREE Eyeshadow Brush - Base

INNNISFREE Eyeshadow Brush - Base


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Customized brush for all from makeup beginners to makeup artists. For all from makeup beginners to professional makeup artists.

Non-cakey, natural-looking contouring makeup A contouring product helps lightly and naturally glide on the skin, leaving no clumps, to create natural shading makeup

Non-irritating, gentle premium synthetic hair Premium brush hair, optimal for applying powder, helps powder-type products to be lightly applied on the skin without clumps.



If the brush is dirty, dip it into lukewarm water in a neutral detergent is dissolved, and shake it off. After rinsing thoroughly, lightly press with a towel or a tissue to remove water, and dry completely in a shady place. Put the brush hair facing down or lying down.



PBT, aluminum, wood.



Do not use on a scar or any area affected by eczema or dermatitis. Keep clean for later use and do not use with others. Do not use the product for purposes other than intended. Keep out of reach of infants and children.