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Bonajour means
“new skin”, born from nature. Live life feeling confident in your skin’s well-being.
Put comfortable clothes on your skin.
They are committed to creating advanced natural cosmetics by discovering unique high-class natural ingredients for your skin. Take harmful ingredients off your skin and put skin-friendly natural ingredients on your skin.
By pursuing honesty, Bonajour endeavors to always research
and distribute trustworthy cosmetics that are safe to use for loved ones.
BONAJOUR creates safe and healthy natural cosmetics
Officially certified as vegan by 'the Vegan Society' from the UK, the oldest vegan organization in the world (established in 1944), Bonajour has created safe and healthy natural cosmetics.
The Vegan Certificate is issued for products made with 100% plant and organic ingredients using no animal testing or ingredients derived from animals at all through a strict and thorough assessment in Europe.