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The nature and moisture, BONAJOUR

Lucy Kim

Posted on July 27 2019

The nature and moisture, BONAJOUR

new brand - BONAJOUR


Enhancing your skin to feel alive again.


The legacy of 'Bonajour' was started by a passionate young girl who strived to share natural cosmetics to other people who may have sensitive skin just like her. Keeping various skin problems in mind, today we aim to meet the needs of those who may have similar skin issues.

Understanding your concerns is their top priority, and they prepare the proper cosmetics to help your skin feel alive again.


BONAJOUR's Philosophy 

first, honesty of the product quality

Differentiated natural component concentration / The usage of high-quality ingredients / Continuous innovative reseach / Honest product launch process

second, honesty of the price

Commitment to their brand philosophy / High production cost, reasonable price


Bonajour products officially certified as Vegan by 'the Vegan Society' from the UK, the oldest vegan organization in the world, Bonajour creats safe and healthy natural cosmetics. The vegan certification is issued for products made with 100% plant and organic ingredients using no animal testing or ingredients derived from animals at all through a strict and thorough assessment in Europe.


Products from Bonajour

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